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Our company was founded in 1957 and is exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of products used in the veterinary field.

At present, more than 40 employees work with us in a plant located in Florida, in the Province of Buenos Aires, where a wide product line, mainly intended to the prevention and treatment of cattle illnesses, is manufactured.

From the very beginning, Von Franken has been promoting the values of quality, reliability, and prestige as they are reflected on our products and commercial professionalism.

Quality has always been a constant in the company's business history in search of excellence, as it was among the first five Argentine laboratories to be certified by the GMP rules (Good Manufacturing Practices for the Manufacturing of Veterinary Products), which renders maximum product reliability and quality.

Commercialization in Argentina is conducted through exclusive vendors and distributors throughout the national territory.
Besides, the products have been recently marketed in various Latin American countries through representatives appointed to each one of them such as Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala. See the commercialization areas. At the same time, the registration process in other countries of this and other continents is going on.

External and internal anti-parasites, endectocides, mineralizing agents, medicinal specialties, products of clinical use are included in our medicinal formulary, all of which are locally manufactured. Likewise, our medicinal formulary includes specific and novel products intended for the local market and imported from Fatro Spa, the first Italian laboratory present in more than 80 countries throughout the world. We have been exclusively representing their products in Argentina since 1992, and since 1997, the laboratory has been part of our partnership.

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