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Our Facilities

Our plant is fully equipped for the manufacturing, fractionation, and conditioning of a wide spectrum of products elaborated in specialized areas.

Marketing Areas

Commercialization in Argentina is conducted through exclusive vendors and distributors throughout the national territory.
Besides, the products have been growingly marketed in various Latin American countries through representatives appointed to each one of them.


Our medicinal formulary includes a wide variety of medicinal specialties for big animals, small animals, aviculture and clinical use. Our commitment in to offer top quality products to veterinaries in order provide the best therapeutic options and constantly contribute to their professional development.


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About Von Franken

Our company was founded in 1957 and it is exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of products used in the veterinary field.  

Our wide product line is oriented to the health care of both production and pet-friendly animals. 

Our top product lines are intended to the prevention and treatment of illnesses of the dairy and beef cattle.

External and internal anti-parasites, endectocides, mineralizing agents, medicinal specialties, and products of clinical use are included in our medicinal formulary. These lines are supplemented with antibiotics, antihistamines, hormonal products, and other trademarked products imported from FATRO laboratories in Italy (www.fatro.it), a company we have been exclusively representing in Argentina since 1992 and which has been part of our partnership since 1997.

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